The Galaktacus Podcast

The name Galaktacus originates from a youthful mispronunciation of a classic comic book character best known for eating planets. Before all of the blockbuster film franchises and the non-stop spoiler-filled internet coverage, there was limited space to openly discuss such topics let alone their proper pronunciations (“Is it Mag-neat-o or Mag-net-o?”). So with that in mind, what started as a long-running, inside joke between three old friends has now become a word that defines the spirit of this podcast—looking at comic books, sci-fi, film, television, literature, music and gaming from the perspective of individuals who have grown up in this evolving “nerd culture” and are amazed by the ways in which it has taken over the mainstream. Galaktacus attempts to eschew that “angry nerd” character and celebrate the good, the bad and the weird that comes along with this current golden age of pop culture. So let the devouring begin!



Galaktacus Episode 29


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